You are not buying this theme. This is only a preview for 5sec QR Codes WP plugin. QR Codes appear exactly the same in all themes.

Plugin is not working – shortcode name conflict

If another plugin is using the [qrcode] shortcode name you have to either disable that plugin or change the shortcode 5sec QR Codes uses.
Changing the shortcode name is simple. Open 5sec-qrcodes.php with a text editor and find the define statement on line 12. Change “qrcode” into something similar, ie: qrcode2. Close the file and re-upload it on the server.

Can I place multiple QR Codes on the same page/post/screen?

Yes, as many as you like!

Do parameters/variables have to be entered in any particular order?

No, you can define them in any order you like.

QR image is not showing up

Use the debug=1 parameter to see if you made a typing error.
Also, Google Chart API could be down. This happens rarely and lasts only for a couple of minutes. Be patient for a minute or two.

Do I need any additional/special PHP image generating modules?

No, absolutely not! If WP works on your server so will QR Codes.

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